"The Ultimate Cosmetics Organizer"

A Versatile Two-Part Design....


Lips-n-Eyes™ Organizers may be placed on the counter as shown, or can be wall mounted. The two parts may also be used separately.


To create more storage space, you can use the main body on your counter and hang the tray with side pockets on the wall.
Get a Wall Mount Template here.


The tray may be used to hold personal hygiene items or pedicure tools.  It's also perfect for men's toiletries.

Tricks and Tips

  • If you have an especially short item that wants to slide down into a tube and disappear, place one or more cotton balls into the bottom of that compartment to adjust the depth.
  • Some Lips-n-Eyes™ users who don't need a clock, remove it and use the large compartment to store more lipstick or Q-Tips.
  • Most women love the clock and you can even hide small valuables in the "secret compartment" behind it.