"The Ultimate Cosmetics Organizer"

An Embarrassing Experience...

One morning, tired and in a hurry, I accidentally lined my eyes with lip-liner. Nothing happened until later at work. My eyes reacted to the dye, turned blood red, itching and streaming tears.

My customers thought I was having an emotional meltdown!

That was it! After years of frustration, digging through the clutter in my make-up bag, I just couldn't take it any more. There had to be a better way to organize my cosmetics.

I had an inspiration, sketched it out and showed it to my husband who brought my idea to life using Styrofoam, cardboard and duct tape.

Lips-n-Eyes™ the "Ultimate Cosmetics Organizer" was born!

The First One Was Ugly!

The first one was ugly but I used it for three months and it worked beautifully. My daily make-up ritual became fast and stress-free.

Friends and family all wanted one and they encouraged me to take Lips-n-Eyes™ to market. The original Compact Model sold really well. But listening to our customers, we were able to make it even better.

And now, our new Deluxe Organizer is ready for you!